Foursquare Starts To Enforce The Rules, Cracks Down On Fake Check-Ins

The move has been a long time coming. Foursquare cheating, which we’ve discussed before, has been...

Source: Techcrunch

Microsoft launches sub 100$ phone in the US with social features

Kin is the culmination of Microsoft’s two-year project codenamed Pink. The Kin phones have been...

Source: Wired

Opera Mini Rules Apple’s App Store

Opera Minis admittance to the App Store was a huge surprise, but judging from the popularity of the...

Source: Mashable

The Apple-Adobe War Escalates: Using Flash to Build iPhone Apps Banned

Apple revised its iPhone Developer Program License Agreement to effectively ban the use of the...

Source: Mashable

Three cheers to 3G

Third-generation mobile telephony is set to lure Indian consumers with its speed and...

Source: Business-Standard

Mobile App Stores – Asia leads the download race

The report questions the logic of separating phones into smartphones and feature phones in todays...

Source: Pluggd

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