ComScore: European cell phone navigation on the rise

In Europe, it was a good year for cell phone GPS -- ComScore,just reported that an estimated 21...

Source: Engadget

Location targeting – Being Contextual

Location is finally becoming central to our digital identities and our connected selves.

Source: Digivine

Forget Foursquare: Why Location Marketing Is New Point-of-Purchase

With a Projected Outlay of $4B by 2015, Mobile Targeting Is Next Big Opportunity

Source: Adage

Impact of mobile phones @ youth in India

Cell phones have become a mainstream product in today’s world and have a huge impact on today’s...

Source: ingene

An App for That, Too: How Mobile Is Changing Shopping

Mobile phones are fast becoming the way consumers find coupons, research products, compare prices...

Source: Adage

Accessibility to everything: Mobile Phone

Our mobile phone is becoming a tool for access, bringing us the ability to control objects in our...

Source: Digivine

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