Mobile Web traffic grows, not slows, during summer

The onset of summer tends to mark a decline in Web traffic as consumers

Source: Mobilemarketer

The shift in mobile advertising

This shift is being undertaken by digital media buyers

Source: Mobilemarketer

PETA debuts mobile campaign to stop abuse of elephants

aims to raise awareness about the abuse of elephants and other animals in circuses.

Source: Mobilemarketer

Mobile roaming services score big during FIFIA 2010 World Cup

An estimated 400,000 visitors from all over the world came to South Africa

Source: Telecomtiger

Mobile Marketing Budgets Set To Rise 124% From 2010 To 2011

The results thus far indicate budgets for mobile marketing spend is set to rise

Source: MMW

Why SMS matters in the App Age

Technology is advancing rapidly, consumer adoption is coming along

Source: Mobilemarketer

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