Don't market to people, market to context: IAB keynote

Consumer behaviors are more important than specific platforms

Source: Mobilemarketer

Heineken pushes pale ale via SMS campaign

The site says that three-quarters of its readers are ages 21-34, 64 percent are male

Source: Mobilemarketer

Majority of the handsets available in markets across the globe are 3G-compatible

There is still scope for further growth of 3G services with actual 3G connections being only...

Source: Telecomtiger

Mobile Banners Beat Standard Online Ads in Clicks and Conversions

Mobile boosts ad effectiveness for auto industry

Source: eMarketer

Mobile application downloads generated by non-operator application stores to grow

The relevance of mobile App stores in the overall VAS ecosystem across the globe is set to grow...

Source: Telecomtiger

YouTube mobile play confirms HTML5 threatens apps

YouTube is revamping its mobile site at

Source: Mobilemarketer

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