Mobile Internet Surfing is a Nightly Affair

Opera released its monthly web report citing an important part of usage – the prime time for...

Source: Pluggd

Chevrolet to become first automaker to run branded ads on Windows Phone 7

The campaign takes the idea of a test drive to a new level by giving consumers the opportunity to...

Source: Mobilemarketer

A blueprint for luxury brands to go mobile

Luxury brands typically are the cautious sort, but this is not the time to waffle or waste

Source: Mobilemarketer

3G winners to get spectrum soon

Centre will keep its commitment of handing over the third generation (3G) spectrum to all the seven...

Source: TOI

BSNL launches 3G services in Pune

Plans to cover as many as 53 cities in Maharashtra and Goa in couple of months.

Source: Telecomtiger

Mobile devices get Intuitive

Soon, our phones will be able to guess what we want and when–making them even more valuable,...

Source: Digivine

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