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Madan Sanglikar
Partner, Invention at Mindshare
"Maddy" as his friends and colleagues call him, has been with GroupM & Mindshare for over 7 years. He has been leading the digital culture at Mindshare since mid 2007. He has been a proud witness to his teams dominating the digital categories at the Media Abbys & the EMVIES for the last 4 years. Maddy took the digital plunge just before the digital bubble burst in 2000. He is also a Committee member at the IAMAI & on Board of Advisory to ViziSense. His ambition is to become a leading trainer in digital capabilities.
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Uma Sivakumar
Last Assignment - Head of Online Media, Tribal DDB India
Equipped with a degree in pharmacy and an MBA in HR, Uma got into the Media industry through a campus placement in Bangalore. However, the media bug got to her and she has been in the industry ever since. Uma has 13 years of experience of selling media and planning media for both offline and the online industry. Her last few assignments were with Orchard Advertising as Media Supervisor and Business director with mOne.
Uma Sivakumar: Do you think the internet audiences in India are growing fast enough? Would you say the online population forms a significant enough audience for most marketers/advertisers? If not what can we, in industry do to grow this base?
Madan Sanglikar: Surely, not fast enough. We have been around the 50 Mn UU’s for the last 2 odd years. Having said that for certain categories like Finance, Auto, IT/ ITES, Travel the current population is a significant chunk. The highest ROI has been attributed to digital. For some of the other categories, this is still not a lucrative medium. But there is enough opportunity to test the medium by smartly mixing it with the traditional media. To grow the base, what we need is the political will to do so. Unless broadband, and I mean real Broadband not just 25kbps, in the various online & mobile formats is made available at ease, the base will not grow fast.
Uma Sivakumar: While the numbers are not growing fast enough, do you believe the depth of their engagement is getting better? If yes, how can the marketers leverage this?
Madan Sanglikar: Yes, the usage & the interaction levels are growing much much faster than what was expected. Marketers started using this for demand generation to start with, but slowly have moved up the ladder to create desire, interest & awareness.
Uma Sivakumar: Social media will help take internet penetration to the next level. Do you agree?
Madan Sanglikar: That’s my favorite question. So much is getting talked about it that one can’t ignore this medium. For a country like ours, where everyone enjoys sharing as a concept, this is like a no brainer. If, in the last decade, a lot of users were forced to get online by IRCTC’s ticket booking benefits, this decade the same role is played by the necessity to be in touch with the long lost friends. Many of my friends even have their parents on Facebook and that’s an interesting & scary angle, depending on what Content they plan to upload. All this, added with the hardware boom in terms of easy access to digital cameras or smart phones have taken the whole concept to another level.
Uma Sivakumar: Why do you think social media is gaining acceptance so quickly? How should marketers leverage this?
Madan Sanglikar: I think marketers have already accepted it. Most barnds have activated at least one communication plan on this medium in the last one year. No one is asking "why?" anymore, but the focus is on "what?" & "how much?" There are multiple ways for an advertiser to leverage Social Media, but most importantly marketers need to be reactive. The most common mistake is to jump into creating applications or writing blogs, which are not long term in design. Marketers must, on priority, first "listen" to conversations across the Social Media tools and then work out a strategy.
Uma Sivakumar: While executing online campaigns, is there an over emphasis on measurement? If yes? Is this a good thing?
Madan Sanglikar: Till now the emphasis has be more than required, but frankly that was due to two reasons. One, the medium was new and advertisers needed to understand how it works. Secondly, market conditions forced the publishers to over emphasize on the metrics. All in all, its now helping the medium as the metrics are well established now and the confidence levels among advertisers is high.
Uma Sivakumar: Do you think marketers understand the value the online advertising and are they realistic in their expectations from the medium? What can us as industry experts do to collectively grow this understanding?
Madan Sanglikar: It would wrong to say that marketers dont understand the value. Just that the relevance of the medium is not the same for all the categories. We should also accept that as a country, even rural market is an important segment. This is very evident from the content on TV and the commercials. So marketers are bound to spread their budgets. The expectations get realistic with the usage if the medium & I have experienced the view marketers changing about the medium once they spend enough time on it. As evangelists, we need to spend more time discussing the medium & sharing the learnings. We should also help them in setting benchmarks & metrics for various aspects of the medium.
Uma Sivakumar: Where do you see the online advertising industry in India, in the next 5 years?
Madan Sanglikar: While 5 years is too long away from this medium perspective, let me give it a shot. Very clearly the usage levels will be increasing exponentially and everything will be digital. As in the, all the sub-categories like Online, Mobile, Social & Contextual will merge and the current day differentiations won’t exist. For certain categories digital will become the lead medium and the overall contribution will cross to 15% of the total media spends. At least, thats what I would like to believe.
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