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Rahul Marwaha
Vice President, Interactive Avenues
Trained as an IT professional, Rahul started his career in online advertising through SEO and SEM. He was heading the Search Team for Interactive Avenues before moving on to head the Delhi Operations. With 7 years of experience in online advertising, Rahul has managed brands across finance, travel, education, B2B, Sports and FMCG verticals.
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Shruti Kapoor
Media Manager, Sony India
Shruti Kapoor is responsible for Digital Marketing, Sony India, across all categories. Her 10 years of media experience come coupled with marketing acumen, and knowledge on consumer behaviour.
Shruti Kapoor: Is the Indian market fit for internet innovations when 40% of the internet population still does not have broadband?
Rahul Marwaha: Yes it is. Innovations are not just rich media banners but creative’s delivers brand values and proposition. Google being the largest network and highest reach has 75 characters in text ads. It is not just the limitation of words but what can brand do in those 75 characters and keywords. With data cards and mobile internet penetration increasing, band width issues will only grow.
Shruti Kapoor: Do you think the Blog is a successful way of marketing? What should be the strategy to carry the engagement level for long?
Rahul Marwaha: Blog is one of the social media properties; it needs to have well defined strategy behind it. Just like other social media properties it needs to have a well defined life-span. Internet is moving towards ‘externalization’ of content, most users would like to interact with your brand through their personal space (social media). Brands needs to remember that Blogs can act like a double edge sword, they give more information than any other social media property but also gives users more options to voice their opinion if not brand does not deliver in its values.
Shruti Kapoor: Should a company get into online reputation management on external sites? If yes how to control the flow and maintain brand building?
Rahul Marwaha: The first step of online reputation management is monitoring and doing it using manual methods is very restrictive and inefficient. At Interactive Avenues we use automated tools like Nielsen Buzzmetrics, Alterian SM2 and Radian6 to collate the brand buzz across various digital platforms. A team of analysts then looks at the data and identify key trends and insights for the clients. For a leading airline, we have driven a change in Process, Product as well as Communication strategy simply by listening to their consumer voice online.

If a marketer decides to have a strategy of intervention on external sites, then it is important to have the necessary structures and processes created for it both at agency and client end. As long as the work flows, tone of voice, user identification and crisis management strategies are clearly defined, it is possible to use ORM as a powerful brand building tool.
Shruti Kapoor: Mobile is coming up as a really good medium, how we can utilize it better apart of doing SMS push which actually irritates the consumer.
Rahul Marwaha: The mobile medium offers a host of marketing and CRM options today and marketers need to utilize it holistically. SMS is best thought of as a Micro Emailer and is a very powerful CRM tool. WAP banners are akin to online banner advertising and offer response methods of click, call, download or callback. Short videos and product brochures on WAP sites get high user attention. User engagement can be driven using branded mobile games. There are options to push offers and coupons using blue casting at airports, malls and brand stores to consumers. Categories like Finance, Travel and eCom have also leveraged Mobile Applications very effectively in India.
Shruti Kapoor: Why has e-commerce adoption been slow in India except for travel?
Rahul Marwaha: To get an e-commerce perspective, we need to see the macro economic scenario.
The Indian consumer has just started enjoying the Retail Experience and has never had it better in terms of options, service, ambience and pricing.
So ecommerce in the Indian scenario remains restricted to either convenience or price comparison shopping.
The consumer is already researching products online & the barrier to e-com adoption now is not trust but differentiated offerings on the internet.
Besides Air & Train tickets, a lot of books, movie tickets, computer peripherals, mobile phones and cameras are being bought online.
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