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Vishal Chinchankar
Digital Media Head, Reliance ADA Group
Vishal started out as a media space seller and slowly moved into a media agency. Currently, he heads the digital function at Reliance ADA Group. He has over 13 years of experience, and one of his last few assignments were with Mindshare Singapore, Group M, as Business Director. Vishal is an avid traveler. Often, he loves going on long drives to unwind himself.
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Shantanu Sirohi
Chief Operating Officer, Interactive Avenues
As Co- Founder of Interactive Avenues, he played a pivotal role in driving the company to a market leadership position over the course of just 4 years. With over 10 years in the Digital & New Media space and 3 years in traditional planning at JWT and Mindshare Fulcrum, Shantanu brings a 360° perspective to a client’s digital strategy. A keen follower of trends in technology and digital media evangelist, Shantanu was covered as one of the “Media Moguls” by Economic Times – Brand Equity in 2006.
Shantanu Sirohi: 'Make an FB page & ask the agency to get Fans at X rupees a pop' Is Social Media just one of the boxes everyone ticks for any campaign these days?
Vishal Chinchankar: While this may unfortunately be the case with some of the marketers, however there are others who have much more enlightened approach to Social Media. Orkut as a first generation social tool has stagnated. Facebook has become an evolved communication platform. Marketing is essentially nothing but 'brand/product/service communication & Facebook has provided a robust tool for it: am not talking only about the creation of apps/games for engagement, but the 'virality' which Fb offers via news feeds and potential for scientific measurement of that virality. This news feed is actually digital WOM, and WOM has historically been the preferred way consumers seek information to make purchase decisions.
Shantanu Sirohi: How should marketers look at distributing Budgets & Efforts between Display, Search & Social
Vishal Chinchankar: The best way is to understand that the 'whole is better than the sum of its parts'. Research, data and own experience in this field has proven that marketer ROI increases when Search+ Display (& now Social) is mixed rather than focus on any one channel exclusively. Globally, 35% budgets are being allocated to Display, around 50% to search, & rest to newer platforms like Social, iPhone and so on. A common mistake many marketers make is in believing that Social Media is free. While there is no media cost, but there is a lot of effort and people cost to get Social Marketing right. It would be correct to assume that overall costs and effort can be distributed in a 33:33:33 ratio between Display SEM & Social
Shantanu Sirohi: Nokia unveiled Navteq LocationPoint and made the mobile map application free last month. So will location aware mobile advertising "arrive' in India in 2010? How big is it likely to get?
Vishal Chinchankar: Location aware mobile advertising is an area that offers a lot of potential because as long as the messaging is relevant, user acceptance is very high. I believe that there will be a jump in Mobile Advertising this year due to new advertising opportunities available like Nokia Maps. Activities like classifieds, event listings and couponing tie in very well on the mobile media. The iAd model in iPhone /iPad is also promising as it has the rich media ad impact with almost negligible intrusion.
Shantanu Sirohi: With iTunes iPhone & the recent launch of iPad by Apple - will Digital Content go paid?
Vishal Chinchankar: Consumers behave differently in the smartphone/iphone and by extension iPad segment, in that they are ready to PAY for content, unlike the desktop web model where advertising subsidizes free content iPhone has already proven how people are ready to pay for Apps, and iPad will move along the same direction. In the future, Niche Content English Magazines might exist only on the iPad and other Mobile Devices with easy payment options due to unsustainable printing/distribution costs.
Shantanu Sirohi: March 2010 saw Ad Networks in India figured amongst the Top 10 properties (Comscore) How are marketers going to leverage their reach?
Vishal Chinchankar: Ad Networks growth is a clear sign that the Indian internet advertising space is coming of age. Worldwide, ad networks have proven their worth in enabling marketers to derive high reach/frequency at lower costs. With Ad networks marketers can get high reach in a single buy, without unnecessary & expensive effort of adding dozens of sites-researching for duplication. I think 15%-20% budgets in any plan go towards networks. This will only grow year on year. Ad network like Ad Magnet and other easily gives u a reach of more than 50% of India's internet users.
Shantanu Sirohi: Currently conversion is attributed to the 'last ad clicked' usually attributed to Search even though users might be researching the brand POST Display ad exposure.Will Google's 'Search Funnels' generate more confusion or clarity - considering that only the Google ecosystem will get reported?
Vishal Chinchankar: There is a huge flaw if we use 'View-Through' or 'post-click' funnels ONLY within Google ecosystem, as it obviously misses impact of our paid Display branding campaigns on the Search intent itself. Search is usually the last step before the purchase decision on internet transactions. It is the "purchase intent" stage. What drives me to search for this keyword in the first place? The Display brand ads play a major role in it. Past experience shows bulk of the cost-effective transactions online happen via "brand or trademark" keyword and not generic category keywords. A recent study by ComScore has proven how Display lifts brand keyword Searches, and also how Display overall lifts marketer site visits (even without a click).This is a vital piece of research in understanding how Display actually works. In light of this, attributing all performance to the last ad clicked is a disaster for long term ROI. We are firm believers in analytics / adserver optimization which help us understand the positive effects of Display on our overall campaign, and not just "within" the Google ecosystem.
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